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Are escorts based in London prostitutes? Many people perceive those working as one as a prostitute but that is not the real case. Unlike prostitutes who are paid for sex, you are paid for your company and time. Now if you want to know how to stay out of trouble, check out these tips:
What You Should Know to Be Respected
You are not a prostitute as said earlier and like any legal business dealings, you should know the existing laws in your location to stay out of trouble. Get needed permits to work as one. Talk to the authorities and ask about the needed documents to be on the legal side.
Market yourself as one or work with a reputable agency. Be clear about this and choose well. There are some women who decide to work independently while some work with London escort agencies. Whichever way you choose, you should be clear of the terms and conditions and know your limitations.
Act professionally. Your job as an escort may not be taken seriously by others but you should. Know that this profession also requires you to act as a professional and so that you can gain the respect from others. You sure know what this meansBusty escort girl